Celebrating International Women’s Day at RenMa Dojo

Kendo is a very physically demanding sport and in the minds of most it seems to be more suitable to the male physique. Contrary to widespread belief Kendo is enjoyed as a unisex activity.

When Swords Cross False ideas Die

In a series of articles researcher Rita Dekšnytė presents the reasons for the Kendo is among the sports with equally high participation of men and women (pay special attention to the article: In Search of a Truly Gender-neutral Sport: The Case of Kendo)

For those who maintain doubts we refer you to the video of the women’s division final match of the 16th world kendo championship between Japan and Korea:

See also the interview on Women’s Kendo by Kazuyo Matsuda sensei (7th Dan Kendo Renshi):

Finally for the movie goers among you we suggest the file Bushido 16

To celebrate International Women’s Day the female students of Renma will participate in a special ‘gift’ workout: 10 minutes kakari geiko and 50 haya suburi.

LadIes please be present and do your best.
[Josei sama gambate kudasai !!!]