The meaning of RenMa


Welcome to the web site of RenMa dojo, a japanese martial arts club.

The meaning of the term Ren-ma:

REN = train; tempering; cultivation; improve

MA = drill; polish; refine

MEANING SHORT – To cultivate and achieve perfection through tempered training.

MEANING DETAILED – The classic saying – “Practice makes perfect” may seem similar in meaning to what Renma is about however, Renma has a much deeper connotation, particularly to those Warriors and those who are dead serious about their training, development and achievement. Renma reminds us that to achieve perfection in martial sciences or any biomechanical endeavor requires extremely diligent and never ending tempering, polishing, and refinement. This requires an almost super human attitude and effort from the trainee.


Renma does not adress those who are easily frustrated, or are looking for the easy way. Renma is a mindset, a way of life adopted by those with sincere desire to refine their skills in real and practical martial applications.

Renma is the ultimate training method used by the elite of the martial arts to achieve optimal results.

The kanji  of the dojo