13th Greek National Kendo Championship

Preparations of the coaches and athletes of RenMa dojo for the 13th Greek National Kendo Championship are reaching their completion. This year’s national championship will take place in the city of Syros between the 10th and 12th of November. This is the first ever event to take place in a Greek island in the entire history of Greek Kendo. Renma would like to thank the Syros Sports and Cultural Kendo Association and would like to wish good luck to all participants.

Opening class

On Tuesday 5/9/17 we conducted the first official training of the new season 2017 – 2018.

The turnout was great and despite the summer break our club’s kendo remained at a satisfactory level.

The Teachers and the members of our club wish a good season for all clubs members of EOKIN.

First practise for 2017-2018

RenMa Dojo’s progress at the 11th Thessaloniki Kendo Cup

RenMa Dojo participated  with 8 athletes and won several successes in this year’s 11th Thessaloniki Kendo Cup which was held in Kolindros under the auspices of Atrapos Club. Our athletes participated in men and women categories Dan & Kyu, the team category and the children category (in which we won a medal for the first time in our history).

The distinctions of our athletes in detail:

Group Category:

3rd place

KYU Individual Category:

  • Linos Lytras – 1st place
  • Iraklis Boubourakas – 3rd place
  • Nikos Lekkas – 3rd place

Children Category:

Helen Boumpouraka – 3rd place

The results we achieved in the championship have once again vindicated our hard efforts. We had a great time both inside and outside the shiaijo!!!

We would like to thank the Atrapos Club for organizing the event as well as the teachers Paul Budden, Michel Guentleur, Inoue Yoshinori, Kazuyo Matsuda, Alexandar Arabadjiyski, Ferenc Kovacs who came from abroad to teach at the seminar and to referee.

Finally we would to congratulate our three new first Dan’s Lytras Linos,Boumpourakas Hercules and Maroulis Gregory for achieving their first Dan rank.

Congratulations to all our athletes for their participation .It was an unforgettable experience!

Celebrating International Women’s Day at RenMa Dojo

Kendo is a very physically demanding sport and in the minds of most it seems to be more suitable to the male physique. Contrary to widespread belief Kendo is enjoyed as a unisex activity.

When Swords Cross False ideas Die

In a series of articles researcher Rita Dekšnytė presents the reasons for the Kendo is among the sports with equally high participation of men and women (pay special attention to the article: In Search of a Truly Gender-neutral Sport: The Case of Kendo)

For those who maintain doubts we refer you to the video of the women’s division final match of the 16th world kendo championship between Japan and Korea:

See also the interview on Women’s Kendo by Kazuyo Matsuda sensei (7th Dan Kendo Renshi):

Finally for the movie goers among you we suggest the file Bushido 16

To celebrate International Women’s Day the female students of Renma will participate in a special ‘gift’ workout: 10 minutes kakari geiko and 50 haya suburi.

LadIes please be present and do your best.
[Josei sama gambate kudasai !!!]

Fundraising campaign for the Greek Kendo National Team

This year the Greek National Kendo Team more dynamic than ever, is preparing fot  All-European Kendo Championships to be held in Budapest on 12-14 May. Our athletes, as usual, have to cover all the expenses for transportation, accommodation and equipment costs from their own funds.

What can we do to support our athletes? We can send a small or large amount of money through the Generosity platform to support the team that will represent us.

Support the Greek National Kendo Team: